Contactless Proximity Access

  • Designed for common area access control.
  • It basically allows you to use your phone instead of a fob or punch code, to open a door.
  • Download the free app, get registered and start opening designated points of entry.
  • In order to activate a door, all you need to do is tap the app.
  • Your phone becomes a secure and nontransferable key through multiple layers of security, including a face-recognition feature.
  • Zero-Contact.


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Contactless Guest Registration & Access

  • Allows residential and professional guests to be granted seamless and secure access / registration to gated communities, condos and offices.
  • Zero-Contact.
  • Host creates and sends virtual invite via SMS to Guest in QR Code format.
  • Guest scans QR Code in order obtain access.
  • If required, Keefob App has a photo of ID feature.

Keefob Zero Contact

Contactless Visitor Registration & Access

  • Register and grant access to vendors or delivery staff in a zero-contact environment.
  • Upon arrival to Lobby, an interactive browser pops up on Visitor’s screen to begin registration and access process.
  • (Minimal-Contact version available: Registration through touch-screen).



Real Time Indoor Location

  • Grant Access to secure areas.
  • Locate people or assets in real time.
  • Create virtual perimeter fence in order to trigger a notification or alarm when a person or an asset enters o leaves the premises.
  • Generate real time and historical location data to better understand how costumers or Users interact with a particular environment.
  • Optimize use of space and /or product location.

Cases and Uses:

Retail Shopping Malls Stadiums / Arenas
Health Care Schools / Universities Office
Sports Clubs / Social Clubs

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Generally, our model is based on an annual fee per Authorized User. We quote on a case by case basis, but normally we charge a only few dollars (USD) per month per user. Depending on client requests, we can customize the look and feel of the APP and Dashboard for a one-time modest fee.

Clients will not need to incur in heavy capital expenditures to buy and install expensive equipment.

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Safe & secure

No sensitive information is stored or shared in our servers. When you download our APP, your phone gets automatically matched to your property’s server just by matching your telephone number. We don’t use credit card information, bank information or any information that involves money. Our network is private. More info

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Our system is 100% Cloud based. So as long as you have internet connection and your property has power, you’re in. Our servers provide guaranteed 99.99% uptime SLA. We have an automatic, system-level backups at regular intervals.

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Keefob works in tandem with your “stone age” access fob or pin key pad. So, if you choose not to you use Keefob, you can still access your property with your boring fob or actually press buttons.

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